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Proven Quality

Manufactured in South Africa, Indeflate has been tried and tested to withstand the forces of nature and last the toughest of overlanding excursions.


What is Indeflate?

Indeflate is a device that is used to inflate or deflate two tyres simultaneously, and equilises pressure between the two automatically once connected.

Locally manufactured in South Africa, it has been tried and tested to withstand the forces of nature and last the toughest of overlanding excursions. The Indeflate has been developed to be easy to use, making it highly practical for anyone to use from service stations to the normal motorist getting stuck next to the road with a flat tyre.

The main use of the Indeflate is for the 4x4 and overlanding communities, but with such multi-functionality, it can also be used in numerous other scenarios.

Why Indeflate?

Inflating and deflating tyres can really be a tedious process. In the modern day that we live, we strive to come up with faster, easier and simpler ways to do things and make our adventures a bit more fun.

The tedious task of deflating tyres oneby- one , without knowing exactly what your tyre pressure is, is made into a quick and simple task with Indeflate. Indeflate attaches to two points (2 tyres) at once, equalising automatically, and has a unique dump valve system that allows you to deflate two tyres at once.

Using the Indeflate, you can attach a compressor or other form of air supply and inflate two tyres, equally, at once.

It has a mounted guage, which means that you can monitor your tyre pressure while inflating, deflating or simply equalising. Indeflate will save you time and effort, whilst being highly accurate at the same time.


  • Rapidly deflates 2 tyres simultaneously, using our patented pressure release technology.
  • Inflates 2 tyres simultaneously from your air source.
  • Automatically equalises both connected tyres’ pressure.
  • Highly accurate gauge for convenient monitoring whilst inflating or deflating.
  • Inflate tyres from your spare wheel.
  • Precision engineered aluminium body makes it highly durable.

Technical Specifications

  • The Indeflate Bodies are made from Aluminium and are Precision machined to ensure the highest quality. After machining, the bodies go through a Military spec Hard Anodizing process which make them highly durable and scratch resistent.
  • Has a 700kpa/100psi combination Gauge that is manufactured by one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality pressure and temperature measurement products.
  • Two x 3m Air hoses that are Highly flexible and easy to use; abrasion and ozone resistant and can withstand pressures of up to 2000kpa(300psi) and temperatures of -10’C to +60’C.V
  • Patented dump valve system allows for quick and easy inflation, deflation and equalisation of two tyres.
  • Clip on chucks make it simple and safe to connect to tyre valves.
  • Strong and Durable carry bag makes it convenient to store.

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